Young Lungs Dance Exchange The Politics of the Frame

The Politics of the Frame, will focus on a mindful, conscious approach to creating dance for camera. Constance Cooke will lead the participants through a series of structured exercises with cameras designed to aid and challenge how they approach, capture and situate their work. The premise underlying this exploration is that screen images aren’t neutral –camera angles, shots, camera movements, locations, choreography and framing all carry implied meaning. Through creative critical dialogue, workshop participants will strengthen their ability to discern and create meaning as they shoot and review capture footage.

Screendance is an engaging language. It offers us a means to integrate, understand, question and challenge our own preconceived stories and see self, reflected in other. The curriculum Cooke has devised is a refined program of instruction for dancers, choreographers, visual artists, performance artists and filmmakers, focused on creating innovative movement specifically with the camera frame in mind. Cooke offers participants a new way to see, stimulate, devise and engage with movement, as it exists in the frame.

Examples of dialogues include:

  1. The subjective camera: How can you explore giving the camera an identity? Is it a voyeur? Does it discover something already going on? Does it allude to something else that is taking place off screen (via sound or other innuendo)? Does it make the subject seem smaller (trivial, weaker, etc.) by shooting from above? Does it imbue the subject with power and stature by shooting from below? How can you explore these and other possibilities?
  2. Context: What effect does where you shoot have on what you shoot. Explore location as context and subtext, etc.


October 14 1-4pm October 15 1-4pm

COST Earlybird (before Oct. 5th) $75
After October 5th $100

email to sign up or purchase workshop here

REQUIREMENTS For this two day intensive you will want to bring devices to capture footage, such as smart phones, tablets and digital cameras. Participants are also asked to bring their own laptops to edit on. Please also wear layered clothing that is easy to move in.


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