Free showing in Winnipeg

Alex Elliot will be taking Logarian Rhapsody to a festival in Vancouver called Dancing on the Edge. This piece is a commission from choreographer Tedd Robinson and composer Charles Quevillon that premiered last year in Winnipeg. The incredible Ian Mozdzen is flying all the way from India to get this duet back on it’s feet.

Ian and Alex are performing on Friday, July 7th at 7pm and Saturday, July 8th at 9pm. Please tell your west coast friends to make it down to the Firehall Arts Centre for a fantastic show. They are sharing a bill with Yvonne Ng/tiger princess dance projects and Chick Snipper.

There will be a Free showing in Winnipeg on Tuesday, July 4th at 6:00pm-6:30pm at Nafro Studio, 109 Pulford, 2nd floor.

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